** Fees quoted per term. One term is equivalent to two months

Trial Class
Backstage Dance & Fitness Studio offers a FREE Trial Class for First-timers at the studio. For recurring students, a fee of RM25 will be charged per trial class. 

Registration Fee
A one-time registration fee of RM50 (non-refundable) applies to all students at the commencement of their enrollment date. In the event a student enrolls for a course during the trial class, the registration fee will be waived. 

Our one-time refundable deposit fee of RM130 applies to all new students during registration. The deposit will be returned upon a ONE (1) MONTH notice to the anticipated last class. A student may request for a refund of the deposit within ONE (1) MONTH from the anticipated last class, provided that the student has paid all outstanding fees. Unclaimed deposit beyond the period will be forfeited. 

On the other hand, the deposit will be forfeited in the event the student discontinues without informing the studio beforehand. 

The Registration Fee, Refundable Deposit and Class Fee payments are due at the time of enrollment. 

Class Fees
All classes are payable per term within the first week of the month. One term is equivalent to two months. Only in exceptional circumstances by prior agreement are weekly/monthly fees permitted. Costs are fixed, and fees remain payable in cases of absence There are no reductions for sickness or holidays. 

Fees are non-refundable. 

Prorate Policy
For enrollments who missed the start of a term, the term fees will be prorated to reflect the number of classes remaining in the month/term. For example, if a student enrolls in the second month of a term, an otherwise RM260 class will be RM130. Likewise, if a student enrolls in any week within a term, the fee will be prorated to the number of remaining classes in that term. 

Mode of Payment
At Backstage Dance & Fitness Studio, we accept two methods of payment:
i. Cash
ii. Check (Payable to 'BACKSTAGE STUDIO')

Class Replacements
If a student is going to be absent from class due to unforeseen circumstances, please inform the studio in advance via any mode of communication (phone call/SMS/email/Facebook/etc). Replacement of class(es) will only be allowed subject to advance notification of absence. In cases of absence without prior notification, class(es) will be forfeited, however fees remain payable and no reductions will be given. 

Backstage Dance & Fitness Studio reserves the right to change fees or timetable without prior notice. However, we will inform students/parents of any changes as soon as possible.